If you're concerned that you went with a conventional career option, and that you'll later regret it, try our 3 antidotes:

  1. Develop a palpable picture of where "conventional" will take you in 20 years' time. If you're okay with this, maybe you're fine where you are. If you aren't, maybe it'll be the wake-up call you need to make some important changes;

  2. Reflect on your current work-life situation: what works for you and what doesn't? When you think about what doesn't work for you, what's the cost here? What happens if it continues like this? Considering the cost of not making changes can help overcome bias against change;

  3. Increase the amount of time you spend with friends or family who recognise and honour what's most important for you. If you're more introverted by nature, protect a 20-minute time block a few times a week to reflect on what matters most. These two actions have the effect of counterbalancing any pressure you're under to just “go with the flow”.

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