Career Change

Career Change

Be Directly Relevant

Map past assets to your future to support career change.

career change

Insure Your Career Change

A basic guide to setting up your plan B.

career change

Get Granular About Your Career Change

Consider the full implications of your career change before you set out.

career change

Moonlight Entrepreneurship

The pros and cons of keeping a day job alongside your start-up.

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career choice

Hunting for The Golden Slipper

Learnings about career choice from the Grimm Brothers' Cinderella.

work life

Coming Out and The Shades Between

Perspectives on whether and how you decide to come out.

job search

Be Who They Want to Hire, or Be Better

Are you a compelling candidate for the roles you apply to?


The Paradox of Leadership

How your team influence the success of your leadership.