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Success in business requires forward-thinking tech implementation, people and teams with exceptional ability, and consistent delivery of best-in-class products and services to ever-changing markets. That's a complex adaptive systems problem. We provide a complex adaptive systems solution.

Our model is based on complex adaptive systems (CAS), intelligent data analysis, and cutting-edge research on what drives peak performance. We use it to help clients with Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development, and Organisational Development & Change.

A complex adaptive system has multiple interconnected and interacting parts and agents. Examples include neural and social networks, ecosystems, and economies. Organisations are a form of complex adaptive system. They are made up of other CAS (or 'sub-systems') that include departments, information networks, and customer relationship management systems.

We specialise in helping leaders, teams, and organisations achieve peak performance. We accomplish this by applying a complex adaptive systems lens to organisational challenges. This means that while the foundation of our approach is proven methods and validated cutting-edge research, it is augmented by systems analysis that accounts for the fact that organisations are complex adaptive systems, and therefore have certain behavioural tendencies and responses to internal and external events.

A complex adaptive systems lens means we provide critical insight to facilitate better leadership decisions at important junctures for the business. The capacity to detect hidden variables and reveal how they impact organisational performance drives this. Our tools include social network analysis, psychometric assessment tools, and measures of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation.

We protect organisations' performance and emergence as market leaders. We protect organisations' performance and emergence as market leaders by providing them with additional competitive advantages. Among these, they can:

  • Manage what they can't see by detection of invisible social networks and connectors that are not on formal organisational charts, but which significantly affect performance and innovation
  • Identify and address factors that prevent high-level contributors and leaders achieving their maximum impact on team and organisational outcomes
  • Transform employee engagement and loyalty by providing best-in-class professional development and career opportunities for talented employees
  • Isolate and address 'pressure points' in the organisation to achieve higher ROI on resources allocated to Leadership Development and Organisational Development & Change
  • Accelerate growth by operationalising untapped talent, innovation capabilities, and optimal knowledge exchange

Our solutions address organisational challenges wherein people are a critical component: Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development, and Organisational Development & Change.

Complexity secures the advantage

Our complex adaptive systems lens provides organisations with the information and capacities they need to achieve peak performance outcomes.

Underpinned by proven methods and validated cutting-edge research, and augmented by a complex adaptive systems lens, our solutions consistently deliver higher accuracy, leaner cost structures, and better performance outcomes.


Systems Analysis

Establish client priorities and business imperatives

Analyse the systems and variables relevant to the organisational challenge(s)

Tools include social network analysis, advanced psychometric assessment tools, and stakeholder interviews


Strategic Alignment

Identify critical factors that drive peak performance outcomes

Detect gaps that threaten competitiveness

Present insights and appraise against the client brief; where appropriate, challenge client assumptions and present alternatives


Operational Sustainability

Deliver actionable recommendations and fully developed solutions, as per client needs

Embed solutions within organisation as required

Follow-up support and advice

Our services are engaged by CEOs, Heads of Strategy, HR Managers, and other stakeholders invested in making sure their organisation is a market leader. We develop long-term relationships and assess the financial impact of our solutions.

specific benefits

Forge growth not survival

Most organisational change initiatives fail, are delivered over budget, and induce increased employee burnout and turnover. Even so, technological advances and macro events require constant organisational evolution. We provide tools to pre-emptively detect critical gaps that threaten to undermine competitiveness in the near and medium term. Equipped with this insight, we deliver sprint-based solutions akin to micro transformations so that your organisation can focus on growth, not survival.

Proven tools and methods

We are driven by cutting-edge research and proven methods. Our team is comprised of business psychologists, executive coaches, and experts with track records delivering effective HR, L&D, and organisational change and culture solutions. We use scientifically validated tools including social network analysis, advanced psychometric assessment, and measures of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation.

Radical flexibility

Our complex adaptive systems approach is primed and effective for special situations, no matter how unique. We follow proven, established methods that work, and augment these with cutting-edge research and tools capable of delivering superior results. We develop solutions in-house for clients and also integrate third-party applications where preferred. Solutions are informed by and fully optimised for organisations' strategic imperatives and internal culture.

Detect hidden variables

Our complex adaptive systems approach detects hidden and critical variables across the organisation. The identification of strategic disconnects between departments, information bottlenecks, and key 'connectors' and informal networks helps managers identify, assess, and support the people and initiatives that can transform their businesses. In leadership selection and development, we detect highly specific, hidden behaviours that can lead to dramatic results in future years.

research that matters

We stay up to speed with research and best practice in the field of management and organisations. Our focus is on methods and tools proven with thorough, carefully-executed studies, where attention has been paid to impartiality and conflict of interest. Some research from the 1990s is still innovative, and has not been bettered or applied in the mainstream yet. Other research is recently published.

(Please note that some references may require paid access. We have no affiliation to the providers and receive no benefit therefrom.)

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