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We specialise in capability building to drive peak performance in a disruptive context. Our programme content provides the leadership capabilities necessary to lead and implement innovation across the organisation.

All programmes are fully customised to deliver against your organisation's specific business needs. We provide selected programme content below.

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Learning agility in leadership

Learning agility is the most in-demand business skill of the 21st century. It is the ability to rapidly and continuously learn, unlearn and relearn information, practices, processes, and models; and the subsequent ability to apply this learning in new and changing contexts to achieve the desired outcomes.

There is a direct relationship between learning agility and success in leadership. We assess leaders' learning agility and provide personalised capability building.

Strategic Communication and Leadership

How can you leverage your verbal and non-verbal communication style to impact and influence stakeholders across the organisation? We provide insight into building rapport and relationships with different personalities. We focus on how to achieve strategic leadership goals by creating buy-in and managing multiple stakeholders.

We provide leaders with the opportunity to practise tactics and strategies they might feel uncomfortable using in real-world situations. We challenge leaders to master how they use their non-verbal and verbal communication.

Leading Difference

In a post me-too world influenced by social media, there is increasing scrutiny and openness to acknowledge and celebrate differences. In this climate, leaders have come under increasing pressure to focus on risk management and the blanket achievement of neutral and equal treatment.

We shift the dialogue towards how to leverage diversity, inclusion, and equality of opportunity in service of exemplary employee experience and business growth. We provide leaders with the language and capabilities they need to create psychological safety, and to bring valuable differences to the surface where they can act as catalysts for stronger team performance and innovation.

Self-Disruptive Leadership Within Global Corporates

What does it take to help organisations stay ahead of disruptive threats? What helps organisations avoid going into decline? How can global corporates sustain core businesses while simultaneously adapting to new threats and opportunities?

We examine the attributes, practices, and strategies shared by leaders who successfully help their organisations stay ahead of disruptive threats and avoid problems that can lead organisations into decline.

Negotiation and Conflict Management

Effective managers and leaders are familiar with the strategy and psychology of conflict and can negotiate effectively with stakeholders at all levels within and outside of the organisation.

We provide advanced tools to analyse negotiations and potential conflicts, and provide the tools skills to effectively guide them towards the desired outcomes. We provide leaders with immersive experiences to experiment with tactics they may feel uncomfortable trying in an actual conflict. In this module, we radically expand and deepen leaders' capabilities in negotiation and conflict management.

From Ideation to Implementation

Innovation is about doing things differently. It’s not about doing them differently for the sake of doing them differently. It’s about doing them differently to secure the future of the organisation.

We provide leaders with a framework to fuel creativity and innovation across the organisation. It provides practices and processes to improve the selection of promising ideas; the development of innovations; the promotion of innovations within the organisation and the procurement of resources to implement them, and; the development of innovation into finished products and services.

The Learning Culture

Facing a disruptive context, the pressure to achieve results at incumbent organisations often crowds out employees' creativity, self-motivated development, and organisational citizenship behaviours.

We provide insight and practices to improve the organisation's learning culture. Here values, processes, and practices encourage individuals to constantly increase their knowledge, competence, and performance.

Creative Labs and Adaptive Space

Leaders can drive idea generation and innovation by "cooking the pressures" within an organisation and bringing together people and teams from across functions and diverse backgrounds.

We explore the different forms of creative lab and "adaptive space", and consider how these forums, methods, and frameworks address different business needs.

We look at what leaders can do day-to-day to create more adaptive space within the organisation.

how it works

  • An 8-month programme that convenes up to 30 leaders from the world's leading organisations
  • Four in-person immersive training sessions, 3 days each
  • Ongoing monthly coaching sessions, plus peer-to-peer learning groups
  • Clinics to address "stuck spots"
  • Ongoing business application through between-session activities and digital learning

Innovation Academy challenge project: A capstone project that challenges executives to deliver a transformational project individually or in small groups

Leader profile: Leading, or being developed to lead, innovation within a business unit or functional area

Recommended participation: 2-4 leaders per client/organisation

Leader time commitment: Approx. 4-5 hours per month outside of in-person trainings

Business application

Conduct pre-academy audit, including stakeholder interviews

All content within the academy is customised for the specific business needs of participating organisations

Leaders deliver challenge project by end of training

Leaders join alumni network to continue to leverage peer insight and collaboration

Leadership capabilities

Leaders take psychometric and 360-degree assessments

All training within the academy is personalised for maximum impact per leader/organisation

Leaders participate in four in-person immersive trainings, plus ongoing individualised coaching and digital experience

Leaders implement a personalised, outcome-focused plan to deliver against their career and legacy-building goals

Embed results

Allocate leaders into small groups within cohort (based on pre-academy audit and psychometrics)

Small groups within the cohort, training methods, and the digital experience are customised to maximise sustained impact after the academy

Leaders use monthly peer-to-peer learning groups for expertise sharing and collaboration to address "stuck spots"

All innovation academies are designed to embed innovation capabilities that drive business transformation and organisational performance


We conduct a pre-programme audit, including stakeholder interviews, and psychometric and 360-degree assessments


All content within the academy is customised for the specific business needs of participating organisations All training is personalised for maximum impact per leader/organisation


Leaders participate in four in-person immersive trainings, and ongoing blended, individualised coaching and training. Leaders deliver a challenge project and engage in peer-to-peer expertise sharing and collaboration


Leaders join an alumni network to continue to leverage peer insight and collaboration. Leaders implement a personalised, outcome-focused plan to deliver against their career and legacy-building goals

case study

Improving knowledge management in financial regulation

We helped a UK financial regulator innovate their response to knowledge exchange and management.

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