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We're a leadership consultancy and career management firm, specialising in peak performance solutions. This means that our focus is on identifying the critical variables that drive maximum performance for leaders, teams, and organisations. We are driven by proven methods and validated cutting-edge research. We help individuals with strategic career management.

At the core of our organisation is a commitment to support leaders who will change the world. We focus not only on those who lead corporations, NGOs, and other influential entities, but also on those who are masters within their field or who ignite change within their professional or social communities. Our mission is to help leaders create a legacy that matters to them.

Our services include:

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leadership development client prodigy finance

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leadership development client london business school

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leadership development client q5

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leadership development client london business school

leadership development client prodigy finance

leadership development client q5

leadership development client bbc

leadership development client london business school

What We Offer

Leadership Coaching

Develop the capacities that will define your success as a leader

What type of leader do you want to be? How can you adapt to the responsibilities of leadership? How can you drive impactful change as a leader?

We identify and develop the kind of leadership presence you'd like to have in your organisation, and make sure it is aligned with your goals, values, and strengths. We explore and address current and potential obstacles to your success as a leader, and carve out a path for your leadership to develop and succeed.

We provide strategic advice, psychometric insight, and leadership coaching programmes.

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Career Advice

Work out your career path and ideal next steps

What do you want to do next in your career? How can you find meaning and purpose in the work you do? How can you make your ambitions a reality?

We explore and isolate your leading career options based on an assessment of your current situation. We also include a consideration of your working style, values, motivations, aspirations, and skills to help you understand the potential advantages and disadvantage of each career path that you consider. Together, we develop a plan to turn your desired career path into a reality.

We provide strategic advice, psychometric insight, and career advice programmes.

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Performance Coaching

Remove obstacles that hold back your performance at work

How can you achieve the heights you're aiming for in your career? What stands in the way of your performance at work? How can you transform your situation into one that works for you?

We identify and address the obstacles to your peak performance at work in order to achieve your desired outcomes. We focus on building confidence and reducing feelings such as anxiety, overwhelm, and 'imposter syndrome' so that you can perform at your best, day in and day out.

We provide strategic advice, psychometric insight, and performance coaching programmes.

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Career Change

Get support to make a successful career change

How can you make the change you want in your career? What needs to be in place before you make a career transition? What is the cost to you of not making a career change?

We explore and plot your career trajectory from your current situation to post-career transition and beyond. We conduct a risk assessment of your career move in order to understand the implications of your career change, and, together with you, develop a Plan A, B, and C to ensure you make a smooth career transition.

We provide strategic advice, psychometric insight, and career change programmes.

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Your career ally

We partner with you to advance your career. We ensure that you have support as and when you need it — from big career decisions to tricky work situations — and develop long-term relationships with most clients we work with. We are invested in your success and leverage our expertise and our understanding of your particular situation to make sure you are always on track to achieve your goals.

Individual performance and potential

All our programmes are customised for your and your unique situation. We take into account your goals, financial context, interests, values, motivations, ambitions, and skills to isolate your most impactful next step and help you achieve your desired outcome. We also identify areas of potential and opportunities for development within your career trajectory.

Proven tools and methods

We are driven by cutting-edge research and proven methods. Our team is comprised of business psychologists, executive coaches, and experts with deep experience working with high-level leaders across sectors and countries. We use best-in-class psychometric tools, as well as a unique methodology that leverages insights across disciplines such as psychology and neuroscience to help you achieve your goals.

Workplace and business context

We work with leaders and organisations across sectors and in multiple geographies. This gives us deep insight into current organisational and sector trends across the globe. We leverage this insight to inform our career advice. For those looking to transition into a new role, we also provide insight into your ideal work environment and company culture.

Long-term focus

The foundation of all our programmes is the creation of a strong career trajectory that takes into account your long-term career goals. We assess the suitability of near-term moves, decisions, and options in relation to their compatibility with your long-term plan, in order to ensure that you are always in alignment with your overall goals. We support your vision to make it a reality.

Social, economic, and cultural insights

We aren't wed to one school of thought, and employ a multi-disciplinary approach using complex adaptive systems. Taking your particular challenge into account, we recommend the best course of action to achieve your outcome. Our approach takes a holistic view of your situation, incorporating social, economic, cultural, and personal variables.

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Unlike our competitors, we are pioneers in the career management technology. It applies a complex adaptive systems lens to what people want and how they develop in the workplace. We use this to drive superior results for the leaders and businesses we work for.

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