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We specialise in capability building to drive peak performance in a disruptive context. Our programme content provides the leadership capabilities necessary to lead and embed culture change across the organisation.

All programmes are fully customised to deliver against your organisation's specific business needs. We provide selected programme content below.

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Resilience in complex environments

Complex environments demand high levels of individual resilience and bandwidth. Leaders face a high volume and velocity of work, for which multiple, changing variables and scenarios must be considered. It is tougher to motivate teams within uncertain, complex environments, and there is more pressure today to deliver results with lean budgets.

We link leaders' psychometric assessment results to carefully-articulated strategies that enable them to develop and leverage higher resilience and bandwidth.

Strategic Communication and Leadership

How can you leverage your verbal and non-verbal communication style to impact and influence stakeholders across the organisation? We provide insight into building rapport and relationships with different personalities. We focus on how to achieve strategic leadership goals by creating buy-in and managing multiple stakeholders.

We provide leaders with the opportunity to practise tactics and strategies they might feel uncomfortable using in real-world situations. We challenge leaders to master how they use their non-verbal and verbal communication.

Leading Difference

In a post me-too world influenced by social media, there is increasing scrutiny and openness to acknowledge and celebrate differences. In this climate, leaders have come under increasing pressure to focus on risk management and the blanket achievement of neutral and equal treatment.

We shift the dialogue towards how to leverage diversity, inclusion, and equality of opportunity in service of exemplary employee experience and business growth. We provide leaders with the language and capabilities they need to create psychological safety, and to bring valuable differences to the surface where they can act as catalysts for stronger team performance and innovation.

Employee Experience and Engagement

Employee experience makes the difference when attracting the best talent, retaining it, and inspiring it to devote its best effort to organisational goals. We provide insight about the future of work and changes to employee expectations, and consider what this means for your organisation.

We look at the impact of social media, AI and increased automation, shifts in global outsourcing, and trends in generational expectations. We provide leaders with insights, strategies, and tools to enhance employee experience and engagement at their business.

Managing People in Business Transformation

The success of business transformation depends in large part on a) engaging employees to work towards a new shared vision of the organisation's future, and b) motivating them to keep going through the peaks and troughs of the change process.

We provide leaders with the behavioural insight and communication strategies to mobilise employees in support of business transformation. Skills training includes how to craft inspiring narratives, how to leverage allies, and how to anticipate and manage resistance to change. We deepen leadership capabilities to transform mindsets across the organisation.

Leading Through Culture

How can managers and leaders use culture to drive results within the organisation. We examine the relationship between strategy and culture, and outline the role of each in driving organisational performance and innovation.

We provide in-depth understanding about how to use cultural content to affect behaviour and business results. We provide leaders with a framework to guide the cultural changes, and equip them with strategies and tools to implement sustainable culture change.

How to Make Ideas Stick

Business transformation relies on clear, consistent, and impactful messaging. How do you capture and hold people's attention? How do you communicate complex information quickly and clearly? How do you build credibility and trust through your communication? How do you inspire others to accept and remember your ideas?

We provide leaders with a framework to develop, deliver, and drive impact through their ideas. Training involves simulated training and on-the-job exercises to increase leaders' impact and influence.

Negotiation and Conflict Management

Effective managers and leaders are familiar with the strategy and psychology of conflict and can negotiate effectively with stakeholders at all levels within and outside of the organisation.

We provide advanced tools to analyse negotiations and potential conflicts, and provide the tools skills to effectively guide them towards the desired outcomes. We provide leaders with immersive experiences to experiment with tactics they may feel uncomfortable trying in an actual conflict. In this module, we radically expand and deepen leaders' capabilities in negotiation and conflict management.

how it works

  • An 8-month programme that convenes up to 30 leaders from the world's leading organisations
  • Four in-person immersive training sessions, 3 days each
  • Ongoing monthly coaching sessions, plus peer-to-peer learning groups
  • Ongoing business application through between-session activities and digital learning

Culture Academy challenge project: A capstone project that challenges leaders to deliver a key culture initiative individually or in small groups

Leader profile: Leading, or being developed to lead, business transformation including culture change within a business unit or functional area

Recommended participation: 2-4 leaders per client/organisation

Leader time commitment: Approx. 4-5 hours per month outside of in person trainings

Business application

Conduct pre-academy audit, including stakeholder interviews

All content within the academy is customised for the specific business needs of participating organisations

Leaders deliver challenge project by end of training

Leaders join alumni network to continue to leverage peer insight and collaboration

Leadership capabilities

Leaders take psychometric and 360-degree assessments

All training within the academy is personalised for maximum impact per leader/organisation

Leaders participate in four in-person immersive trainings, plus ongoing individualised coaching and digital experience

Leaders implement a personalised, outcome-focused plan to deliver against their career and legacy-building goals

Embed results

Allocate leaders into small groups within cohort (based on pre-academy audit and psychometrics)

Small groups within the cohort, training methods, and the digital experience are customised to maximise sustained impact after the academy

Leaders use monthly peer-to-peer learning groups for expertise sharing and collaboration to address "stuck spots"

All culture academies are specifically designed to embed capabilities that drive business transformation and organisational performance


We conduct a pre-programme audit, including stakeholder interviews, and psychometric and 360-degree assessments


All content within the academy is customised for the specific business needs of participating organisations All training is personalised for maximum impact per leader/organisation


Leaders participate in four in-person immersive trainings, and ongoing blended, individualised coaching and training. Leaders deliver a challenge project and engage in peer-to-peer expertise sharing and collaboration


Leaders join an alumni network to continue to leverage peer insight and collaboration. Leaders implement a personalised, outcome-focused plan to deliver against their career and legacy-building goals

case study

Driving organic culture change with Cass Business School

We provided a group within Cass Business School with the capabilities to initiate and implement a lean and organic culture change.

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