Executive coach

Location: London, UK and/or elsewhere, as arranged
Salary: Competitive + discretionary bonus p.a.
Start date: ASAP, or as arranged
Note: The Executive Coach role can be combined with responsibilities from the Expert Associate role. Please see here for further information about the associated responsibilities.  


Job Description

We are looking for an executive coach who wants to join a leadership consultancy that works with global corporations. Working from elegant offices in Mayfair/Marylebone, you will be an integral part of an intelligent and highly collaborative company that conducts a lot of international work. No two days are the same and the pace is fast. Our team is small, and our work often requires long periods of concentration, so the role would suit someone who enjoys independent work and prefers to work in a quieter environment.

We serve transformational leaders who build legacies for their organisations, communities, and nations. As such, we challenge ourselves every day to be the best in our field. We are looking for an executive coach who also challenges themselves to be the best in their field, and who takes pride in how they “show up” for colleagues and clients. The successful candidate will be able to conduct themselves with poise and discretion in high-stakes situations; takes an avid interest in the business and context within which their clients lead; is quietly confident with a constant-learner mentality; would enjoy working for a business with exposure to international work across different industries, and; has a strong interest in understanding human and organisational behaviour, and how this relates to leadership effectiveness and organisational performance.

You would report directly to the Managing Director. Salary base increases, bonuses, and other benefits are directly tied to the value of the contribution you make.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide one-to-one coaching to executives and high-potential leaders, in person and remotely
  • Provide small group coaching to executives and high-potential leaders, in person and remotely
  • Co-facilitate executive training sessions, in person and remotely
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of your coaching work
  • Conduct self-led research to develop in-depth understanding of clients’ function, business, and industry
  • Develop top-level insights from coaching work to inform team understanding of trends in life/career transitions, career development, and organisational behaviour
  • Contribute to strategy, planning, and solution/content development meetings, as required
  • Maintain an up-to-date understanding of how key industries work from a strategic and operational standpoint through to the day-to-day implications for leaders and their teams
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of psychological and behaviour change theories, processes, and practices
  • Develop a core understanding of organisational consulting frameworks and practices
  • Apply, interpret, and leverage psychometric assessments, including the ability to compare individual test results to aggregated profiles
  • Collaborate with copywriter, graphic designer, and other team members to develop concepts and content for thought leadership work
  • Develop and maintain an area of specialism, and accordingly act as the internal expert for it
  • Liaise with a variety of stakeholders across industries and seniority levels
  • Preferred. Deliver presentations and speeches on your particular area of expertise

Required Skills & Attributes

  • Strong work ethic
  • Value proper process over final results
  • High-level analytical and critical reasoning skills, with strong rhetoric in writing and/or speaking
  • High intellectual curiosity with a “constant learner” mentality
  • Able to grasp, synthesise, and summarise complex and nuanced information quickly
  • Very high levels of discretion and poise
  • Very articulate use of English (verbal and written)
  • Very high attention to detail and deeply honed active listening skills
  • Able to manage and work with high degrees of ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Very well-developed competencies in self-as-coach domains, especially courage to challenge, boundary awareness, range of feelings, presence, somatic awareness, and empathic stance
  • work well under pressure, maintaining consistent delivery to a high standard
  • Highly observant with ability to pivot approach/content quickly based on fresh insight
  • Strong psychometric interpretation skills, with ability to quickly build multiple hypotheses within and across different psychometric test results
  • Track record of working well in teams, as well as independently
  • Strong prioritisation and time management skills, with the ability to manage multiple clients and priorities
  • Flexible approach, prioritising the needs of the business
  • Intermediate or fluent in a second language
  • Proficient in MS Office

Qualifications & Experience

  • 3+ years’ experience as an executive coach working with high-potential and high-performing leaders
  • 2+ years’ experience in interpreting psychometrics based on the five-factor model of personality
  • Coaching qualification from a globally leading coaching programme. Your training must have included the following: a programme 6 months+ in duration; at least 80 hours+ in-person training; receipt of 8 hours+ coaching from an executive/transition coach with 5+ years’ experience; delivery of 16+ hours executive/transition coaching with supervisory feedback; regular and frequent competency-based assessment of coaching capabilities, with a final examination
  • Before becoming a coach, 5+ years’ professional experience, ideally working in an international, fast-paced corporate environment
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher from a globally leading university
  • Preferred: experience living and/or working in North America, or with internal/external stakeholders in North America
  • Preferred: experience with the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series psychometric assessment

How to Apply

To apply, please submit a CV and a cover letter to Please address the following questions in your cover letter:

  • Think back to your coach training and its required reading list. Which book most informed your practice today?
  • In an ideal world, what can Arieli & Company provide you with as an employee?
  • We care about supporting leaders who can change the world. In what way does this mission resonate with you?
  • Describe two critical trends that, in your view, impact the world of work today
  • Based on your background, what do you think you would bring to the role that other candidates would not?

Important note

Unfortunately, applications that do not meet the following criteria cannot be progressed to the next stage:

  • All applications must be submitted with a CV and cover letter
  • All cover letters must answer the given questions