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Rigorous career advice for when you need to know your career options. We answer "what career is right for me?" and help you with career planning and career moves.

Choosing a Career Path

It can feel that a lot is at stake when you are choosing your career path. It determines how much money you'll earn and the kind of people you'll spend your time with. It determines what your everyday work will be, and what your future prospects are. It can feel overwhelming to try to match your personal values, goals, and abilities to the best career options for you. We help finding the right career for you. Our career advice and career guidance answers the question: What career is right for me? We provide you with a strategy and practical steps to find work you enjoy and to build a successful career.

Career Options

Examining your best career options can be daunting. You may be looking for a new career, wanting to understand what career options you have, or you may simply feel: "I need a new career". You might feel overwhelmed by what you could do, or, conversely, that there are only limited options. In both cases, it's common to have concerns about making the right choice. It can be difficult to know where to start looking, let alone to find the time to so. You'll probably have unanswered questions about what is a good fit for you, and about whether you have a realistic chance in certain industries. Our career advice and career guidance creates a space for you to explore your career options. We advise you on your best career options given your interests, skills, and previous experience. We then help you work out your next steps to make it a reality.

Career Planning

Do you know where you want to be in 5, 10, or 15 years' time? Do you have a vision for the impact you wish to make, or know how you'd like to build your career in the next few years time? You may even have an idea about the legacy you wish to leave. Career planning helps you create a roadmap to build your future. Our career advice and career planning takes your career goals and develops a personalised career strategy for you. We look at your most likely pitfalls and equip you with techniques to avoid them. We highlight key skills and experiences you need to master to build your success. Our career planning provides you with next steps and a long-range strategy for your career.

Making a Big Career Decision

Professional decisions can be game changers for your career. Whether it is working out your response to a challenging situation at work, choosing whether or not to stay at our current firm, or working out whether we really want to keep doing what we are: it can feel like one decision could make or break our career and future. At the same time, postponing career moves for too long can have unintended consequences: you might become unhappy, miss out on opportunities, and lose momentum in your career. Our career advice and career guidance provides a space for you to analyse your current situation, explore the options you have, and introduce more certainty and confidence about what you do next. We advise you on the best choice to make, and provide you with a view of the longer-term implications for your career.

How Our Career Advice Works

Our career advice combines our career management approach with evidence-based research and insight to get clarity about your career path, and feel more secure and fulfilled in your career. Our career management approach involves a multi-disciplinary analysis of your specific situation, using the latest findings from areas including psychology, neuroscience, and management.

Our career advice involves one-to-one sessions in-person or via phone/video conference, tailored to your busy schedule. When you sign up, we match you to a coach from our international network of world-class coaches.

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