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We're a leadership consultancy and career management firm, specialising in peak performance solutions. This means that our focus is identifying and acting on the critical variables that drive maximum performance for leaders, teams, and organisations. We are driven by proven methods and validated cutting-edge research. Our objective is to improve the bottom line for our clients, sustain high-performance cultures, and help leaders create a legacy that matters to them.

We provide solutions for:

We also provide career management solutions for leaders, which we provide both to organisations and individual leaders who seek out our expertise.

Our services are engaged by CEOs, Heads of Strategy, HR Managers, and other stakeholders invested in making sure their organisation is a market leader. We provide them with targeted services that:

  • Augment and improve HR processes to realise cost savings, and improved leadership selection, learning and development, and organisational culture and performance
  • Detect hidden variables impacting leadership, team, and organisational outcomes and performance. We use proven tools to do this, including social network analysis and advanced psychometric assessment tools
  • Address critical gaps that threaten competitiveness, including employee turnover, inability to attract top talent, and workplace culture mis-aligned to the strategic direction of the business
  • Accelerate growth by operationalising untapped talent, knowledge exchange, and innovation capabilities

Our approach is informed by complex adaptive systems, which means that we analyse networks in your organisation. By revealing hidden variables that drive outcomes for your organisation, you can manage what you can't see. Benefits include bridging strategic disconnects between departments, recognising and supporting key 'connectors', and eliminating information bottlenecks. Find out more about our approach here.

Our products and services include culture audits, social network analyses, custom-built talent acquisition solutions, and leadership development programmes. All solutions target peak performance results by aligning organisational culture, talent, and strategy. Find out more about our products and services below.

Arieli & Company was founded in 2014 to provide career management solutions for leaders. Today, we also provide leadership consultancy, advising organisations on Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development, and Organisational Development & Change. Sectors we have particular experience in are tech, fintech, media, higher education, and finance. We have worked with leadership in 20 locations, representing 28 different professions. We predominantly serve clients in the UK, US, and Europe. Find out more about us here.

What We Offer

Talent Acquisition

Identify the leaders who will drive your business forward

We help organisations identify and acquire the talent that will drive their organisations forward. We follow proven, established methods that work, and augment these with cutting-edge research and tools capable of delivering cost-effective and superior results.

We develop customised and full solutions for talent acquisition, from competency frameworks and situational-judgement tests to assessment centres and selection procedures. We develop solutions in-house and integrate third-party applications where preferred. We prevent 'gaming' of the hiring process through our proprietary approach to leadership selection.

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Leadership Development

Develop the leaders your organisation needs

We help organisations identify, cultivate, and sustain high-performing leaders. Our work includes the development of internal succession candidates for CxO roles and talent pipeline strategy, and the optimisation of team development and effectiveness.

We apply contextual understanding and quantifiable measures to identify and develop the key leadership competencies necessary for performance, including skills, behaviours, and attributes. Our tools include advanced psychometric assessments, measures of entrepreneurial talent and ability, and validated developmental frameworks.

We offer audits on leadership development and strategy, leadership development programmes, career management solutions, and customised, self-sustaining solutions for talent development that can be embedded in the client organisation.

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Organisational Development & Change

Prime your organisation for market leadership

We help organisations assess and improve performance outcomes related to workplace culture, corporate entrepreneurship and innovation, social networks, and change management. Our work helps organisations identify and address strategic disconnects between departments, information exchange bottlenecks, and key networks and 'connectors'.

We use proven methods and tools augmented by validated cutting-edge research to deliver results with a high return on investment. We provide social network analysis, culture audits, audits on corporate entrepreneurship and innovation, and organisational development solutions including sprint-based 'micro'-transformations.

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Detect hidden variables

Our complex adaptive systems approach detects hidden and critical variables across the organisation. The identification of strategic disconnects between departments, information bottlenecks, and key 'connectors' and informal networks helps managers identify, assess, and support the people and initiatives that can transform their businesses. In leadership selection and development, we detect highly specific, hidden behaviours that can lead to dramatic results in future years.

Proven tools and methods

We are driven by cutting-edge research and proven methods. Our team is comprised of business psychologists, executive coaches, and experts with track records delivering effective HR, L&D, and organisational change and culture solutions. We use scientifically validated tools including social network analysis, advanced psychometric assessment, and measures of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation.

Increased ROI from HR processes

Our expertise lies in the application of proven methods and cutting-edge research to drive peak performance outcomes for leaders, teams, and organisations. With the proliferation of HR tech applications and new talent management frameworks, we help organisations cut through the noise to identify the solutions that will both enhance existing HR processes and deliver against strategic imperatives. We develop in-house solutions and integrate third-party applications where preferred.

Radical flexibility

Our complex adaptive systems approach is primed and effective for special situations, no matter how unique. We follow proven, established methods that work, and augment these with cutting-edge research and tools capable of delivering superior results. We develop solutions in-house for clients and also integrate third-party applications where preferred. Solutions are informed by and fully optimised for organisations' strategic imperatives and internal culture.

People not human resources

We run a private career management practice in addition to our leadership consultancy for organisations. This means we have unfiltered access to leaders' actual motivations, values, and career objectives. With a view across demographics and sectors, we witness emerging trends before they gain traction. We use this information to give our clients the advantage in the 'war on talent' and in the creation of high-performing cultures and organisations.

Forge growth not survival

Most organisational change initiatives fail, are delivered over budget, and induce increased employee burnout and turnover. Even so, technological advances and macro events require constant organisational evolution. We provide tools to pre-emptively detect critical gaps that threaten to undermine competitiveness in the near and medium term. Equipped with this insight, we deliver sprint-based solutions akin to micro transformations so that your organisation can focus on growth, not survival.

We have worked with leadership from

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Unlike our competitors, we are pioneers in career management solutions for leaders. Our solutions apply a complex adaptive systems lens to what people want, how they develop in the workplace, and critical variables necessary for peak performance. We use this insight to drive superior results for the leaders and organisations we work for.

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