See a Return on Investment, Fast

Most transformations and change initiatives fail because they are too big and take too long. People get tired of change and lose focus on their day-to-day work. We deliver sprint-based solutions so you see a return on your investment, and fast.

Seduce Your Key Stakeholders

The average cost of losing a highly-skilled employee is 213% their yearly compensation. Treat your employees like key stakeholders not "human resources". Use our 5+ years' experience as independent career managers to give your people what they really want.

Apply Disruptive and AI-based Solutions

Our model is based on complex adaptive systems (CAS), intelligent data analysis and the latest research on what makes people perform. We understand the impact of emerging organisational structures and technologies. Use effective solutions for a changing, disruptive context.

Get Hard Results from Soft Assets

Culture is often described as "soft". In fact, effective company culture increases operating income by ~19% and earnings growth by ~28% yearly. Problematic company culture puts investors off and encourages bad behaviour at work (fraud, sexual harassment, petty theft).

Attract and Keep Qualified Talent

Attract qualified, suitable talent with career opportunities and a good company culture. Emphasise diversity in the workplace to enjoy a ~35% greater likelihood of outperforming competition. Reduce job turnover amongst your best employees.

Be Relevant, Or Die

As organisations become more successful, cultural lock-in impacts their ability to innovate. The time for action is on the upward trend to success. Here, it is easier to establish intrapreneurial practices and drive industry-leading innovation.

Individual Performance and Potential

Our programmes are customised for you and your unique situation.

We review your work background and skills, plus your interests, values, and motivations to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Workplace and Business Context

We take into account your organisation and their culture in order to provide you with the most useful advice to advance your career.

For those looking to transition into a new role, we provide insight into their ideal work environment.

Social, Economic, and Cultural Insights

We aren't wed to one school of thought. We assess your situation using complex adaptive systems (CAS).

Taking your particular challenge into account, we recommend the best course of action to achieve your outcome. CAS is theory-driven, data responsive, and holistic.

Effective Implementation

We partner with you to advance your career. We provide incisive advice, strategic recommendations, and help you build a plan to ensure you achieve what you want.

We also help you create a strong career trajectory that takes into account your long-term career goals.

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